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Creating a Blog Post with Multiple Slide Shows

So, as some of you may have already noticed, the other day I wrote several new blog posts each containing multiple slide shows. Now if you are familiar with WordPress you might know that this is no easy task since currently¬†WordPress’ capabilities do not allow for blog posting with this feature. Currently, WordPress only allows you to upload one “batch” of images per blog post; then the images from this “batch” can either be displayed in a gallery (as individual thumbnails all lumped together in one section of your blog posting), or as part of a single slideshow. However, as someone who loves photography and generally takes way too many photos of anything I like to organize my slideshows into themed sets, or “batches”, and then spread the various slideshows throughout the relevant parts of a particular posting. Therefore, I wasn’t willing to accept a simple “sorry, that’s just not possible” response, so I took to the world wide web to help me solve this little problem I was facing. After doing some light online research (thank you Google) I came across this website:¬†http://www.slideshare.net/.

Slideshare homepage.

Slideshare allows users to create as many individual slideshows as they would like. After each slideshow is created one can then simply get a customized HTML code to link that slideshow back to their own blog in WordPress – GENIUS! Now, there’s no limit to the number of slideshows you can have in one particular blog posting. And trust me when I say this, it truly is much easier than you think.

To really make the process fool-proof please follow the step-by-step instructions below: Continue reading