Fashionista Friday, No. 2

This week’s edition of Fashionista Friday is FULL of great fashion advice, style tips, tricks, and amazing finds. If you’re a fabulous fashionista who would like to be featured here comment below with a direct link to your tweet or Twitter profile, and you just might be featured in next week’s top fashion tweets.

  1. earthtobaylee
    Dress like you’re going to meet your worst enemy today. #fashiontip

    Tue, Nov 06 2012 03:54:01
  2. Monika_Chiang
    Style is primarily a matter of instinct – Bill Blass #style

    Wed, Nov 07 2012 15:29:58
  3. imageconsultant
    Brown is for monks,psychotherapists, college professors and moms baking cookies; but not for the boardroom. #imagearchitect #style

    Sun, Nov 04 2012 06:22:11
  4. ShopAtZoe
    Use baby powder instead of seltzer to sop up oil on a silk blouse. It won’t mess with the dye of the fabric. #fashiontip #didyouknow

    Tue, Nov 06 2012 11:50:48
  5. FashionAndStyle
    There’s no reason to buy stylish clothes if they don’t flatter your figure or aren’t age-appropriate.

    Thu, Nov 08 2012 11:50:09
  6. papamamar
    The little touches and your attention to detail could mean the difference between a great look and the perfect look..#styletip

    Fri, Nov 09 2012 04:58:37
    My top tip to make your legs look super long is to wear a heel in a colour that’s as close to your natural skin tone as possible ! #styleTip

    Tue, Nov 06 2012 10:29:50
  8. bebe_Stores
    #StyleTip A statement necklace looks FAB with a silk shirt—either peeking out of an unbuttoned collar or over a buttoned one.

    Mon, Nov 05 2012 16:20:19
  9. FashionMyDayJob
    #FashionTip: Invest in solid high quality garments such a trench coat, pencil skirt, white collar shirt, shoes, and slacks. #styletip

    Mon, Nov 05 2012 13:35:32
  10. verilymag
    Fleece lined tights?! Stylish and practical staples are right up our alley. #style @urbanoutfitters

    Sun, Nov 04 2012 12:27:01

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